Mission Control for
AI Quality at Scale

Safeguards is a toolkit that automates quality control of LLM systems to unlock enterprise AI with confidence.

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Ensure the reliability of each
layer of your LLM system

AI systems can be unreliable. Use Safeguards AI, the industry-first automated quality control platform for LLM systems. 

Why Safeguards

Safeguards makes AI reliable and safe to deploy with confidence

Reduce compounding errors

Compounding errors from hallucinations, irrelevant responses, and refusals are bottlenecks for AI agents and RAG

Automate evaluations at scale

Tiny errors from LLMs in regulatory domains could lead to costly consequences

Boost confidence

Accelerate your Proof of Concepts (POC) in weeks and safeguard at scale in production


Safeguards is the first AI quality control platform to unlock Trustworthy LLM Systems

NAtive for RAG and AGENTS

Continuous quality controls across the AI lifecycle

Safeguards sits right on top of your existing pipeline. Continuously validate in real-time outputs across your agentic workflows and RAG systems.

Enterprise READY

Hosted in your VPC from start to finish

Two lines of code from our Python SDK or REST API endpoint deployed within your VPC. No data from your queries is ever stored.


Mitigate and view risks in real-time and customize controls

Safeguard your business with proactive quality controls across the GenAI technology stack.

Partner with us to unlock high-stakes domains
with safe and reliable AI