The Corrective Layer of Generative AI

Safeguard LLM errors at scale to use generative AI with confidence, and reduce incorrect outputs by 90%.

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Safeguard LLM at scale
to accelerate trustworthy AI

Unlock high-stakes domains where getting the wrong answer leads to regulatory consequences, costly operational risks, or churn.

Why Safeguards

Safeguards make AI reliable to deploy with confidence

Reduce compounding errors

Compounding errors from hallucinations, irrelevant responses, and refusals are bottlenecks for AI agents

Mitigate catastrophic risks

Tiny errors from LLMs in regulatory domains could lead to costly consequences

Shorten time to production

Accelerate your Proof of Concepts (POC) in weeks and safeguard at scale in production


Safeguards is the first AI remediation platform

Turn any RAG into T-RAG

Works with your pipeline to increase AI reliability and safety

Safeguards remediates LLM errors to build Trustworthy RAG (T-RAG) applications in weeks. Safeguards sits right on top of your existing pipeline.

Production ready

Reduce incorrect LLM outputs by 90% in two lines of code

Two lines of code from our Python SDK or REST API endpoint deployed within your VPC. No data from your queries is ever stored.


Automate evaluations and
catch LLM errors at scale

Add observability with our tools, work with our ecosystem partners, or bring your own to automate evaluation in staging and production.

Partner with us to unlock high-stakes domains
with safe and reliable AI